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Allow candidates to complete interviews at their convenience, creating a seamless and stress-free experience.


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Swiftly filter through candidates using data-driven insights and rankings to identify top talent efficiently.

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Sync, track and manage candidates across interview stages easily.

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Screen candidates 24/7.

Swiftly filter through candidates using data-driven insights and rankings to identify top talent efficiently.

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Successfully Scaling the Hiring Process with Recruit AI

Staging Labs, a company in the crypto security industry.

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Everything you need to know before getting started on Ribbon

What do I get with Recruit AI?

Ribbon Recruit AI gives you an AI-powered interviewer that can screen candidates 24/7 at the most convenient time for your candidates. After each interview you can access a summary of the interview to make the most informed decision.

Can I get started for free?

Yes! No credit card needed to get started. Your first 50 candidate interviews are free.

After 50 interviews you will need to add a credit card, otherwise your open interviews will be closed and candidates will not be able to interview.

What types of interviews can Recruit AI do?

Recruit AI is focused on initial phone screens to identify the top talents in your candidate pipeline. Using Recruit AI lets you spend more time with candidates in the later interview stages.

How can Recruit AI help me improve our interview process?

Even if you have a limited recruitment team, Recruit AI can help you screen and interview the best candidates in your pipeline. With Ribbon Recruit AI, every candidate can interview at a time of their convenience. Your team can scale further and spend more time in the later stages of your interview and offer process.

Does Recruit AI integrate with my ATS?

We're rolling out the Recruit AI integration with Ashby, Greenhouse, Workday, Lever, BambooHR, and Freshteams. If you want to try the ATS integration before general release, email

What do candidates think about Recruit AI?

Candidates love the Ribbon experience and the ability to interview 24/7 at a time of their convenience from anywhere in the world.

How much is Recruit AI?

You only pay for successful screenings conducted by Recruit AI. On the Recruit Pro plan, each successful interview is $3.

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